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New Product:  Crab Plier Clamps 

Hexies to replace the plastic spheres that are used as a blanket on hot solutions
such as sealing tanks in anodising process or other galvano metal plating solutions !...

Hexies, are different from the polypropylene plastic balls. Hexies are solid,  do not sink, 
not roll on the floor, not get lost... They cover the surface of the hot solution as one layer, 
preventing energy loss by evaporation, make you save substantial amount of money.  
They are in two sizes,  50 and100 mm , to suit your tank size. More..

C-Clamps are in 6 different sizes from 32 to 102 mm wide. Tip of the screw can be either "plain" or "ceramic tip". Ceramic tipped screws hold the work piece (e.g. aluminium profiles / sheets) stronger against the spline.  

C-Clamps are durable up to 100 degCelcius physically and resistant to all solutions used in anodising, pretreatment of painting/powder coating and other metal plating (galvanotechik) solutions. They provide you easy and fast racking saving time and increasing your productivity.

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If you want to overcome problems of different shades in two-step (electrolytic) colour anodising, difference in anodic film thickness arising from poor contact and fastening then you must try our durable thermoplastic  clamps. 

New Product:  Crab Plier Clamps 

racking aluminium extrusions extruded profiles aluminum anodising anodizing
Fast Clamps are also very useful for racking 
aluminium extrusions for anodising. Easy to use.
Increased productivity. 

  • Made in Europe from thermoplastic material.
  • Resistant to temperatures and chemicals in aluminum anodizing process.
  • Provides good contact between the aluminium extrusions and vertical spline. 
  • Uniform colour and film thickness in anodising aluminium
  • Are used at aluminium anodising plants world-wide

      Fast clamps has stainless-steel springs.

New Product:  Crab Plier Clamps 

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